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11 Apr Market Your Brand at Local Festivals

Posted at 02:37h in Branding, Branding

It’s that time of the year...cherry blossoms blooming, food trucks lined up along the streets, music, art, and food festivals on the agenda. What does this time mean for your brand? It means an opportunity for promotion during public events and festivals. 

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12 Jul 3 Keys for leveraging Analytics to drive marketing

Posted at 02:21h in Digital Marketing,, Digital Marketing, , Inbound Marketing,, Inbound Marketing, , marketing analytics, marketing analytics

No one likes to see money go to waste. But it’s especially hard to watch companies blowing budgets on outdated or misguided digital marketing strategies. Marketing budgets typically don’t come with very much wiggle room, so its essential to get the most bang for your buck on every dollar spent.

So what does that mean? It means digital metrics are your best friend from this point forward. So to help you maximize the efficiency of your marketing strategy, we’ve put together these three keys to driving your marketing efforts with analytics.

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